StrengtheninMerchant Relationships Through Data

Identify active merchants that will leave your portfolio, before they do.


Our Data Solutions Can Help You Retain More Merchants

Accurate Predictions

Arcum Partners identifies which active merchants are at-risk of leaving their acquirers. We use a machine learning model that reviews a merchant's historical data in order to provide these insights. 

Straightforward ROI

Our per merchant pricing structure allows you to easily calculate how much our product can increase your revenue. 

Tested and Proven

Our insights are powered by a combination of advanced data analytics and years of industry knowledge. As a result, our solutions have an exceptional performance history with both large and small payments providers.  

about us

We are firm believers that data can greatly improve merchant relationships in the payments industry

Arcum Partners began when two former colleagues working on helping newspapers reduce subscriber churn stumbled upon the payments industry. Both Sebastian and Tad had worked with tremendous amounts of data, but had never experienced the rich quality of payments data. By working with some of the largest organizations in the payments world, they became deeply knowledgeable of the payments process, including the problems faced by merchant acquirers. 

Shortly after landing their first client, they reached out to Mikhail Dmitriev, PhD, an assistant professor of macroeconomics at Florida State University to come in as an advisor. Mike's advisory role quickly expanded, and just a couple of months later, he was helping the team code the first retention algorithm. A short year later after the team got together, they had analyzed over 200k unique merchants across five different payment companies, and created an algorithm capable of identifying merchants at-risk of leaving their acquirers up to 12 months in advance with over 80% accuracy.


We have years of experience using data to power the payments industry and optimizing growth strategies

Sebastian Builes

Chief executive officer

Hope Wofford

Chief financial officer

Tad Zhang

Chief operating officer

Stella Ji 

Chief branding officer

Mikhail Dmitriev, Ph.D.

Chief DATA Scientist

Matt Tarkenton

Strategic Advisor

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